Week 3

The Baby-Free Post

The rugby scores are getting to me courtesy of a well trained accountant back in the office who adds them to the end of the management accounts when he emails then.  Not the same as watching it though.  Being with the Irish has its advantages as we can be smug together about the rugby as I gather the Irish are also playing quite well. [Editors note: I assume this was the Five Nations as it was the right time of year and I’m not sure Italy had joined it yet]

The Kazakh-ethnic women here are un-nervingly beautiful almost without exception.  We women do not like it but the men don’t seem to complain.  Alex was visited in his room by a lady of the night last week and for all his bravado I think he was nearly wetting himself – I wonder if he would have been so terrified if his wife hadn’t only popped up to my room for a quick chat.

A “quick chat” consists of a large shot of vodka in a glass of orange juice.

The local beer is good and the vodka and orange is excellent but the wine is ochin dorogaya (very expensive).  Food is really not at all bad.  We found an expensive Chinese which is not dissimilar to one at home, expensive by local standards (main course, rice, veg and wine about £15) but is the first meal we had where we were absolutely stuffed at the end.  Local portions are normally small – doubt there are many type two diabetics here.  We also went out last night to a very grand Italian, again expensive due to the wine as it cost about £20 for two courses and wine.

The service is a little “Faulty Towers”, dishes arrive as they are cooked and not in any particular order – starters arrive after the main course and at the Chinese, having finished everything and in the process of perusing the desert menu, one of our starters arrived!   You get used to it and they do bring the drinks straight away so that’s a blessing.

The toy stores all sell very menacing looking guns of which which my brother would approve but I’m a bit worried about getting them through security at Heathrow so Junior will not be getting one for Xmas.

My travel partners now seem convinced that my Russian is fluent and have taken to saying things like “ask them if nuclear physics is a popular subject in the universities or if contemporary Irish literature is studied at all”.  My general translation of that is – “moshna free toje spaseeba” (can we have fries as well please).  They don’t seem to realise, I make up an answer and we eat well.  Everyone’s happy.

Can you get baby Scarlets jerseys I wonder.  [Editors note: I am a Llanelli girl and grew up on the halfway line of the Tanner Bank at Stradey Park] What a way to give Junior an identity crisis, a kazakh boy living in England wearing a Welsh rugby jersey.

Court Day

Court day needs some thinking about before I write it up so you’ll have to make do with a picture for now.

court day


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