Monthly Archives: September 2012

One Autumn Afternoon

This time six years ago I was waiting. I had been waiting for nearly 6 years so it seems nicely symetrical to talk a bit about my wait now. Six years ago, my full dossier which had taken more than two years to prepare, had been submitted and approved by the Ministry of Education of […]

The Simple Things

I know ironic is a much overused word but surely, surely this counts as an ultimate irony moment.   I give you a new magazine launched this month…     It costs £4.99.   Embrace a simpler life… by spending a fiver on a glossy magazine.

Helpful Hints 1 – What not to say to an adoptive parent.

You’re so brave (particularly when accompanied by slightly soulful expression) You’re so wonderful (quite true, I am, for so many reasons it would be hard to list them all.  But not sure of the relevance to my child’s adoption) Is this your adopted son?  Or at least not unless you are prepared for the answer – “Yes. […]

We are Olympians (or Paralympians, we’re not fussy here)

It’s been the Olympic summer – or more accurately the Olympic and Paralympic summer.  I always knew that I was an Olympic junkie.  Every four years I become an expert in the most obscure of sports with the most unfathomable rules for a brief moment in time.  I wasn’t entirely sure I would feel the […]