Monthly Archives: April 2019

Things I have done that you should really try not to – Tomatoes

I’m writing a series of articles for Linked In and I just can’t be arsed to write something different for my personal blog so shamelessly plagiarising myself… It’s really important for a business mentor to talk not just from a point of lofty success but also from the valuable learnings that come from failure. So […]

The Story of Christmas and the Little Spider Plant

It was always going to be a slightly tricky Christmas and New Year this year. Not only is it the first without my over-the-top Christmas loving mother but also because last year she was failing fast and died on New Years Day. But I had a cunning plan. Oh yes indeedy a plan so cunning […]

Siblings Day

It’s siblings day today and I’ve written before about my sister and how losing my mother has helped us to stay connected as the two of us are the only two people in the world who understand exactly what we’re going through. What some people won’t know is that I also have a brother. Had. […]