Monthly Archives: November 2006

The Birthday (and the rest of week 4)

The boy’s birthday went well – I managed to negotiate cake buying in Russian as our translator had gone off to get a copy of our passports notarised again (I think she is wallpapering her living room with them, we have stopped asking what they are for), and my mum had brought proper birthday candles […]


Mother Arrives Safely in Ust-Kamenogorsk Latest news Mum arrived last off the flight by some way and so of course I was convinced that she was on her way to Siberia on some other plane.  Imagine the scene… snow piling up, a row of silver birches line the road up to the airport, I run […]

Week 3 after court

We have a new Coordinator!  We were unhappy with our old co-ordinator who turned up for the first few days then disappeared leaving our poor translator to shrug a lot saying “I don’t know”.  The advantage to using an established agency is that you have someone to complain to back home when things are not going […]


We were called together on Sunday evening to be told that we have a court slot at 10am on Monday morning,  that the necessary documents had not arrived from Astana but that we should be ready for court anyway as there was a chance that we could still make it.  Otherwise the court had a […]

Week 3

The Baby-Free Post The rugby scores are getting to me courtesy of a well trained accountant back in the office who adds them to the end of the management accounts when he emails then.  Not the same as watching it though.  Being with the Irish has its advantages as we can be smug together about […]

Week 2 continues

Ground Hog Day Monday 13 November Today was a lovely day. In the Groundhog day of Ust-Kamenogorsk, days are gauged by whether we all had good visits to the baby-house. Junior and I got to know each other a little better and the biscuits help stave off his pre lunch grizzles for 15 minutes until […]

Week 2

Tears, fears and preconceptions Many apologies to Andrei our Driver – whose name is in fact Alexei , but who has been quite happily answering to Andrei all week. Oh well, strike one for international relations between Kaz and the UK. Emotions run high here and many of the children have medical problems that would […]

Week 1

Communication at last I’ve found an internet cafe with a (slow) wireless connection but it’s a little unreliable (oh that British trait of understatement) so keeps losing my lovely long posts!  Tonight I will compose something offline and try again tomorrow, but I just wanted to make contact so that you all know I’m still […]