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I Spent the Winter in Kazakh Siberia Adopting a Baby and This Is What I Learnt About Living Through a Pandemic

I’ve been trying to pinpoint something that has been eluding me since we went into lock down mode.  Something in the back of my mind that I couldn’t quite bring out into the cold light of day, when chatting on a WhatsApp group with some friends a couple of days ago it suddenly materialised.  This […]

I Miss The Sandwich

Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash In the 2000’s I became part of the sandwich generation but I’m rapidly becoming just the filling. Three years ago I had an aging and sick mother and a primary aged child. As a single parent running their own business, this wasn’t without its challenges and I would, if pressed, admit to […]

Things I have done that you really should try not to – The Swim

I’ve spent a good deal of the summer renovating Jones Towers in the Isle of Wight, working remotely. Whilst I was there I agreed to try to help coach my next door neighbour to pass her bike test using the kind of skills I apply to business coaching clients. Not in the sense of teaching […]

The Power of Community

Two years ago I watched the images of the fire at Grenfell Tower deeply moved, as most of us would have been, at the plight of the people trapped inside. No doubt all imagining the unimaginable, of how we would feel trapped on those upper floors wondering when or even if help would come. I […]

The Story of Christmas and the Little Spider Plant

It was always going to be a slightly tricky Christmas and New Year this year. Not only is it the first without my over-the-top Christmas loving mother but also because last year she was failing fast and died on New Years Day. But I had a cunning plan. Oh yes indeedy a plan so cunning […]

Siblings Day

It’s siblings day today and I’ve written before about my sister and how losing my mother has helped us to stay connected as the two of us are the only two people in the world who understand exactly what we’re going through. What some people won’t know is that I also have a brother. Had. […]

Oh Christmas Tree

There’s been radio silence recently from Jones Towers (a bit like Trump Towers without the bling) because, well frankly (look away now if swearing offends)  it’s been a pretty shit week. It started the Sunday before last when a very lovely and well intentioned football parent on hearing my mother had died this year (it […]

I bet that you look good on the dancefloor

I mentioned music at the end of my last blog and thought it might be something I’d like to explore as a way back to myself.  Music has always been important to me, as a girl I sang in the local girls choir where I grew up in Llanelli.  Choral singing has an effect on […]

Things I have done that you really should try not to

“Where’s this weeks blog post?” my friend Sarah moaned on Facebook this morning. “Eh?” I thought. “Yes,” chimed in another friend “I like my little read of your blog each week, seems odd without it.” Lumme!  I have An Audience.  OK two people is not a big audience but we writers are permitted to exaggerate […]

My Remembrance Day Pin

I looked down at the poppy pinned to my jacket after writing last weeks blog for Remembrance Day.  Of course I actually looked at a pin because I rarely have a poppy for long.  My poppies are like a Remembrance Day version of the Elf on the Shelf that’s gaining popularity over here, appearing in […]