Monthly Archives: January 2007

We’re Home!

Home Sweet Home Arrive home safely to be met by my mum and sister and green fields.  Then 12 hours later it bloody snows!  Can you believe it!!! Call this snow?! Call this snow – it’s already gone!  “It’s so cold” moaned my sister.  You lot don’t know you’re born, ’tis positively tropical.   Back […]

Weeks 11 & 12 – The final Stretch

On our way back to Almaty Just a quick note to tell everyone that we leave for Almaty again early tomorrow (Saturday) morning.  Daniels passport will be ready on Monday I am promised, sadly not in enough time for us to get an entry visa to the UK for him and leave with Mum on […]

Week 9 – on our way back to Ust

Incredibly, we discovered yesterday that we have to up sticks and decamp back to Ust on January 3rd for a week.  We need to appear before an official in order for the passports to be processed and my return flight on 13th January is looking unlikely.  Don’t know what to say at this point.  I just […]