Then and Now

First Day

When I met him, a slightly subdued, quiet child (when he wasn’t screaming)



Latest news

My lovely boy now, taken in early June outside Kew Gardens – smiling and happy – fingers crossed long may it continue…

My beautiful boy in September 2007

Daniel IOW aged 2And now it is a year since we met.  So many thoughts and feelings and a huge sense of gratitude for the gift of this wonderful child.  Amazingly some people I know through cyberspace are hoping to travel to the same orphanage later this month.  I’m so excited to be able to send them photos to take to the orphanage of how well he is doing.  Perhaps they won’t be interested or perhaps they won’t even remember him, but I have an overwhelming urge to say to someone, somewhere from his old life – “Look how well he is doing and what a great job you did caring for him”.  In the absence of a birth-parent to contact, the orphanage which was his home for the first year of his life and the staff that cared so well for him are my “audience” – they feel a little like godparents from a distance!

Emotions will be close to the surface this month – a lot of firsts to celebrate…

the first time we met
the first time he didn’t scream when he saw me
the first time he smiled when he saw me
the first time he cried when the carers came to collect him from me
the first time he became legally mine at court
the first time I took full custody

but the first time we met is the special one for me.  It our family birthday, our family was born one year ago, 2 November in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan


Christmas 2007

More Christmas photos in the album.  Our first “proper” Christmas together.



Latest news – photo montage of our journey



And then he was Three…

Daniel is Four!

Well, he’s four next weekend and to celebrate… he caught swine flu!  Hopefully he’ll be fine in time for his party 


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