Mother Arrives Safely in Ust-Kamenogorsk

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Mum arrived last off the flight by some way and so of course I was convinced that she was on her way to Siberia on some other plane.  Imagine the scene… snow piling up, a row of silver birches line the road up to the airport, I run towards her crying “Mummy!  That’s my mummy”.  Sort of the Railway Children meets Dr Zhivago (with me as Jenny Agutter of course).

Actually it was a little more prosaic than that… a rather tired slightly bewildered woman dragging a variety of suitcases appeared from around a corner, muttering,

“You could have adopted from Bournemouth”.

But I forgave her because she had brought newspapers and Kitkat.  Even the Daily Mail looked good.

mum van snow

Nanny meets Daniel

In fact the photo isn’t “Nanny meeting Daniel” as Daniel cried when she tried to hold him yesterday (that’s my boy).  After nearly two hours of careful bonding today with deciding that she was Ok and quite funny really as long as she didn’t actually touch him, we managed to get him to not cry for about 20 secs at the end of the day – long enough for her to be photographed holding him.

His birthday is tomorrow so big party here if any of you would like to come…

Sorry Catrin, got your birthday wrong (had it in my diary as Monday until Nanny told me it was Saturday – oops).  Hope you had a nice one and that your driving lessons will not be too traumatic for the citizens of Burgess Hill.


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