Vaccinations are a luxury I now don’t have time for but I have time for “the sex talk”.

Barely is the ink dry on a first draft of this blog than I get an email telling me to expect to travel in September, the 20th to be precise. Not that anything about this process is precise and I’m informed that this date is not settled. Apparently it may not be possible to get my letter of invitation issued with enough time to get my visa sorted. Hah! They’ve only got to sort one little piece of paper. How about my medical which has expired and needs to be updated, my criminal record check which has expired and need to be updated and my employers reference letter which, yup you’ve guessed it, has expired and needs to be updated.

I wasn’t expecting to travel until early October at the earliest – in fact until late August I had given up thinking that I would ever travel! September 20th is too soon. Waaaaaaaaaay too soon.

Pottering about looking at cute baby shoes has flown out the window and been replaced by a flurry of lists, flight schedules, hotel reviews, apartment seeking and cot building. And just to increase my stress levels – my home study expired and I had to have an annual review. Social worker turned up on a Friday after friends had been over for dinner the night before – and after a frenzy of cleaning (mine, not hers), she only sat in the kitchen. She didn’t even peek in my immaculate living room but thankfully also didn’t venture upstairs to the nursery, also fondly known as the Building Site.
OK I may have time for some vaccinations after all.

A Side interlude

The social worker  (who I’d never met before) sent to do my home study update in between eating biscuits and checking my circumsatnces haven’t changed, tells me that I have to be careful not to get pregnant whilst waiting for a match.   I try, in any number of ways, to explain that I am not in a stable relationship  and therefore not likely to get pregnant in the next 2 weeks.

SW persists “you don’t need to be in a “stable relationship” to get pregnant.

I try again “no but I’m not in any sort of relationship, so it won’t be a problem”

SW puzzled “But you don’t need to be in a relationship to get pregnant?”
I give up beating around the bush and being polite…(note to self: don’t use euphemisms with social workers).
“Yes, but you do have to be having sex and I’m not.  So unless I jump the taxi driver on the way to the airport on my way to Kazakhstan, it’s really not possible for me to get pregnant”.

I think I might be paraphrasing, but not much.

Social Worker happy that her work here was done, I rest my head on kitchen table and rock slightly, wondering at what point my life dissolved into being lectured at age 40 about safe sex by a complete stranger.

Normal service resumes here:

The vital “letter of invitation” has not arrived yet. This letter allows me to get a special visa – arriving on my own and leaving with a child and has to be sent from the local Ministry for Education. I think the man who issues them has broken his finger, or his pencil, or something and so nothing has turned up.

Was hoping to travel on 26th September but this is looking ambitious and will probably slide into October now. September 20th was too soon but October is too late – I am ready NOW!

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